Saturday, August 31, 2013

There's no "almost" about it.

Remember how I posted a few months ago about almost killing my sewing machine? I finally got around to taking it apart to clean and oil it so that it would be ready to sew a quilt I actually liked. Only, it's dead. Like, dead dead. Oh, she'll groan along if I push her, but...well, let's just say euthanasia is the kindest path at this juncture.

So there's that.

Oh! And I plan to return to regular blogging this week. So there's that, too. 

See you soon!


  1. Oh I'm sorry. My sewing machine is about to get some use. Quilt block contest time. Kat wants to be a steampunk Medussa for Halloween so - steampunk dress for her - fun. And I'm determined to finally make the curtains I bought material for forever ago.
    So are you going to replace it or what?

    1. I need to replace it, but can't do it right now. I'll have to save my pennies. In the meantime, I've commandeered my daughter's machine. It's pretty basic, but it'll do. I have a baby quilt to make! (New niece or nephew on the way. :D )


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