Tuesday, March 5, 2013

And Another

My good friend Ms. Pat nominated me for another bloggy award. Woo!

The Liebster Award requires the following:

1. You must tell 11 things about yourself
2. Answer the questions your nominator gives you.
3. Create 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate.
4. Choose new blogs with fewer than 200 followers and link them to your post.
5. If you're nominated, please leave a comment on this post with the URL of  your Liebster Award post.

Since I don't want this post to be more of a TL:DR situation than it's already likely to be, I'm just gonna go ahead and say the second requirement fulfills the first. So here are the questions Ms. Pat asked me.

1. What is your favorite color?
Sounds like a simple, straightforward question, right? Except I suck at favorites. You ask me my favorite anything and I vaporlock. It's sad. I do have favorite colors for things. For instance, if you said, "What is your favorite color for a 1967 Chevy Camero RS/SS?" Then I would say, without reservation, black with a white cowl stripe and about fifty layers of clear coat. But I need something specific, otherwise I like too many colors to choose. That probably said more about me than it should.

2. Would you rather walk on a warm, sandy beach or hike on a high, rocky mountain?
Warm beach. I love the ocean. Unless it's ninety-five and humid at the beach, in which case I prefer the cool of the mountain. See? I told you I suck at favorites.

3. What is your favorite season or time of year?
This is the exception to the favorites rule. I love autumn with all the fervor of a Red Sox fan at a home game versus the Yankees. That is, until autumn feels like winter. Winter can bite me.

4. What have you taught others that you are most proud of?
I have taught my kids that no one is entitled to anything. You don't just get things because you want them. They must be earned. Also, manners. This is harder than it sounds, and I work at it every day.

5. Do you play or have you played a musical instrument?
Oh musical instruments. We have a long, sordid history, musical instruments and I. I want to play them; my fingers don't. If you count plucking out the basic notes of Ode to Joy on my guitar (yes, I have one), then yes. If you mean have I any musical skill other than the willingness and ability to listen to the brilliance of others, then no. 

6. What was your favorite subject in school?
Again with the favorites? Okay, I know I'm supposed to say English because I'm a writer and stuff, but that was not always true. This is because I didn't have favorite subjects, I had favorite teachers. So, whatever my favorite teachers were teaching -- English, psychology, law, sometimes even math.

7. Do you still keep any of the books you read as a child?
Yes. As many as survived (which is many). How else could I foist them upon my children?

8. What is your favorite tradition?
Oh my Gobstoppers, these are killing me. Hmm. I'll go with my family's annual outing to cut down a Christmas tree. We have hot cider and donuts at the tree farm, then we come home and decorate the tree. We drink cocoa, eat Christmas cookies, and blare the carols. It's fun.

9. Why do you blog?
It started as an experiment. A plan to end my procrastinatory habits. It worked. 

10. Is there anything you would change in your life if you could repeat the past? (You do not have to say what it is, just yes or no.)

11. Do you feel you have made the world a better place?
I'd like to think so. If not the world at large then at least the worlds of the people who know me.

Phew! Those were hard. 

Okay, so here are eleven for my nominees:

1. What is your preferred beverage?
2. Are you afraid of any animals?
3. Would you ever go hang-gliding?
4. Country, city, or suburbs?
5. What is the easiest way to make you laugh?
6. Do you enjoy a good cry?
7. Are you multi-lingual?
8. How often do you read for pleasure?
9. Can you do anything crafty (sewing, knitting, woodwork, etc.)?
10. What was the worst thing you've ever tried?
11. Johnny Depp or Sam Elliot?

And here are my nominees!

You're up!

A question for the rest of you: What are the next three books on your TBR pile? Or, for the non-writer/readers, what is your next project?


  1. Thanks, Ms Delia :)

    I always love to read and learn more about my friends. I actually have a tough time picking favorites, too. I love the way you answer these. I usually say something like, "too many to chose just one" or something equally bland.

    In my TBR pile, I have ...

    I am still reading, slowly but surely ... "The Swan Theives" by Elizabeth Kostova ... almost done!

    Then I have "Last Night at Twisted River" by John Irving next in the stack.

    For when my eyes and brain are tired and I just want grab a quick and easy bite but not a feast to sit and savor, I have "A Stitch in Time" by Monica Ferris.

    For other projects, of which I have many ... they are all sewing and/or "My Daughter's Wedding" related ... best get to it ... enjoy your day ... :) Pat

    1. Ohhhh, that's right! The daughter's wedding is coming up fast isn't it. So exciting!

  2. Eating With the Angels - Sarah-Kate Lynch
    Between - Kerry Schafer
    Seeing Is Believing - Erin McCarthy

    I'm with you on the favorites thing - deciding can be hard. You did really well, I thought.

    1. I'm terribly indecisive with things like that. Other things, major life things, I'm very decisive. What flavor ice cream to get? No clue.

  3. I can do that!

    Through The Ever Night
    Beautiful Creatures (I started it but my digital library loan expired)
    And the second Delirium book

    1. You know, as much as I wanted to like it, I didn't care for Everneath. I still haven't read Beautiful Creatures or Delirium yet, either. I'm terribly behind! (Trying to get caught up on my CP reads. :) )

  4. Hey Delia! Thanks for the nomination. And here's my responding post: http://thingsintheskye.blogspot.com/2013/03/a-blog-award.html.

    1. Thanks for linking back! Great answers. And great questions, too. Much deeper than mine. :)

  5. Thanks, Delia! I was busy producing "Working Woman Wednesday" over in the Diaries so I've been off the grid. It's quite lovely to be nominated, and now I will get to work answering and formulating questions!

    1. I totally understand the need to be off the grid. Can't wait to read your answers!

    2. I snuck it in under the wire--the wire being your next blog post! Here are the answers: http://megancoakley.blogspot.com/2013/03/more-about-me.html

    3. Wire? There's no wire. Show up when you darn well please. :)

  6. Fun answers! (And now I see where you live :0)) And I have to answer #10 - Sam Elliot! As The Stranger. Or really in anything.

    1. *fist bump for Sam Elliot* I heartily concur. Though I fear we're outnumbered by the Johnny Depp-ers. :-\

  7. Hmm... a Jude Morgan, a Georgette Heyer, and not sure what else! The TBR library likes to retain a bit of mystery.

    1. You're lucky. Mine stares at me with big, droopy eyes as if to ask, "Why do you neglect us so?" ;)

  8. I'd have to trudge upstairs and FIND all of my piles, TBRs really are in stacks about the place..... hm, I may have a problem, no wonder the library calls if I don't show up, they're probably worried.

    I know that one is a cookbook called Flour, by the owners of some fancy/wonderful/rustic East Coast restaurant of the same name. And another Sarah-Kate Lynch book. (But not the one J3 had on her list.)

    Also, Pat? Anything by John Irving is GREAT! The last few, even moreso than some of his early days. (And believe me, I am an ardent Cider House Rules fan.)

    1. Trudge? No trudging -- marching, sauntering, sprinting -- no trudging! You're fit, now, remember? ;)

      Also, there is a well-known bakery/sandwich joint in Boston called Flour. Same place?

    2. That could very well be the place. :-)


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