Thursday, October 3, 2013

Welp, it's been fun.

*peeks in*

Okay, look, don't hate me (I'm looking at you, Julie.), but I have to go. Not far or anything, just over to Tumblr. I have come to the very difficult decision that Blogger is no longer the place for me.

Here's the deal. I've said just about all I needed to say here. I feel like I'm just repeating myself and/or other people now -- rewriting information that's already out there on ten other blogs. There's no need for that.

And Tumblr is working for me. As a format, it's pretty nifty.

If I have something to say, I can say it quickly and get back to writing.

If I see something I'd like to share, I can share it and get back to writing.

I'm sure you see a pattern forming.

The writing part is important. There's no use building a platform (which...oh, hey! look what I haven't been doing on this blog recently), if there's nothing to put up on the platform when you're done.

I will leave the blog up. I may even post occasionally, if I have something particularly long-winded to say. Heck, it's even possible I might change my mind someday.


So, Tumblr. It's quick! It's fun! There are GIFs!* C'mon over!

*I know, I know. I've adjusted. I'm flexible like that.

Friday, September 6, 2013

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Hey all! Long time no anything. How was everyone's summer? As you may have guessed, mine's been crazy busy. (Well, crazy anyway.) Here are some...uh...high points.

At the beginning of the summer, we found this Cooper's Hawk limping around our yard.

He was wet. It just wasn't his day.
Poor thing. We brought him to a lovely lady that rehabs birds in her spare time. (Seriously, she's got an x-ray machine in her barn.) She said it looked like he'd been hit by a car, which apparently isn't unusual for the species because of the way they hunt. After a brief exam, she proclaimed that, despite his broken wing, he could be cured and would be released back into the wild roughly six weeks hence.

Good deed done.

Midsummer, we took the kids on a vacation. Since we hadn't vacationed for many a year, they weren't too picky about the fact that we were six people crammed into a six hundred square foot cabin with the world's smallest shower stall and no internet. Since we had borrowed said cabin from my sister for nothing but the cleaning fee, I wasn't too picky either.

It was near the beach. We were happy.

Then it got hot. Like, really hot. The hottest week of the year hot. We went to the movies and saved the beach for the evenings, because honestly. Hot.

Advantages of going to Maine beaches in the evening: Less sunblock. More stuff to find on the beach. Clams. No sunburn. Sand dollars. And this one time, when we swam where the jetties sheltered the harbor, harbor seals. Harbor seals.

There were a few times we went during the day and there were these amazing tidal pools with more hermit crabs than you could count, which made sunburn worth the risk. (Look, we're pale people. Sunblock only delays the inevitable.)

All in all, very fun. But if we go back, I'll be bringing an air conditioner.

We ended the summer on a down note, when my middle son was diagnosed with mild Asperger's. It was something we kind of already knew, but still sucks to have confirmed. Though now that we have a diagnosis, we can get him the therapies he needs, so it's all to the good.

Plus, the kids are all back in school now, and all the writing and online socializing and writing and reading and writing I missed during the summer can now be accomplished. If I can stop listening to this song.

Royals by Lorde on Grooveshark

And this cover.

Get Lucky (Daftpunk Cover by Daughter on Grooveshark

How did you all spend your summers? What'd I miss?

Saturday, August 31, 2013

There's no "almost" about it.

Remember how I posted a few months ago about almost killing my sewing machine? I finally got around to taking it apart to clean and oil it so that it would be ready to sew a quilt I actually liked. Only, it's dead. Like, dead dead. Oh, she'll groan along if I push her, but...well, let's just say euthanasia is the kindest path at this juncture.

So there's that.

Oh! And I plan to return to regular blogging this week. So there's that, too. 

See you soon!